About Us

Founded in 1999, PCO is a leading OEM provider of IP video solutions for the physical security industry. PCO’s products and software solutions are available under the banner of leading Fortune 100 and Global 1000 brands. While these products are not available under the PCO name they can be purchased on six continents and in over ten language variations.

PCO is highly focused on creating industry leading software solutions for physical security, loss prevention, and business intelligence. Utilizing its advanced software development team in Liberty Lake, Washington, PCO continues to develop innovative software solutions that enhance security, reduce shrink, improve operational effectiveness, and provide a greater degree of business intelligence.

Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in North America, PCO is committed to its long term growth and to the heroic service standard that has led to its success. Learn more about Heroic Customer Service and The PCO Way.

The PCO Way

PCO is dedicated to heroic customer service and complete customer satisfaction. We achieve this objective by treating our customers as we would have them treat us. We never lose sight of this commitment when faced with difficult situations and especially in our customers’ time of need.
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Social Responsibility

As PCO has grown, so has our involvement in the community. PCO prides itself as a responsible and active member in our community by contributing financially to a variety of local projects and by volunteering our time to worthy events.
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Heroic Customer Service

Heroic Customer Service means PCO’s customers receive more than quality products when they choose to partner with PCO. We use Heroic Customer Service as our way of showing gratitude to our partners on a daily basis. Partners should expect Heroic Customer Service from every department and from every employee.
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Business Units

PCO is comprised of three operating business units serving three distinct customer segments.
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Environmental Policy

Located in the beautiful Inland Northwest, PCO and its employees maintain a special relationship with the great outdoors. PCO understands that the problems facing our global environment, including the conservation of our natural resources, are some of the our greatest challenges today.
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PCO and its employees have worked hard to become a formidable company in the industry. With leadership and dedication to innovation and quality, we have not only proven ourselves to our customers, but also to our industry peers. In addition, we have earned the right to partner with many of the largest companies in the industry.
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Privacy Policy

PCO, Inc. is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and those who sample PCO products.
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Open Source Compliance

PCO, Inc. products may include open source software that are subject to GNU GPL (General Public License), GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License), and other similar licensing models.
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