OEM Solutions

Commitment to OEM

PCO is one of North America’s largest OEM providers of network video solutions. Since 2002 its cutting edge digital video recording systems have been private labeled for a number of OEM partners including multiple multinational conglomerates. While these products are not available under the PCO brand name they can be purchased on six continents and in over ten language variations. PCO is pleased to have such a high quality group of OEM partners.

Today, PCO concentrates the majority of its efforts on the design, development, & support of its next generation software and video solutions for the enterprise. PCO remains committed to the future and to you as our private label/OEM partner.

OEM Solutions

Learn about the specialized OEM solutions we offer and how they can be custom tailored to help you succeed! From product warehousing and BTO manufacturing to turnkey marketing and technical support, PCO has the ability to custom tailor a solution to help you cut costs while improving your solutions for the enterprise.

Value Added Services

Platform Design & Software Development

PCO remains committed to the voice of its current and potential customers. It is through this commitment that PCO has built the foundation of its design and development programs. PCO insists that any current and/or potential customer is sufficiently involved in all applicable phases of the design process (this includes direct customer interaction with PCO’s project engineering and software development teams). A great deal of care is taken in completing a thorough needs analysis with all design projects. PCO is committed to the total quality of its software development and testing programs. Through the careful management of its software development process, PCO creates value for its customers by reducing defects and total cost of software ownership. PCO also maintains a close network of trusted and high quality technology partners whose components may be utilized as part of a PCO solution.

Build to Order Manufacturing & Just in Time Inventory Management

PCO’s “build to order” manufacturing program is crucial to its business model. With over 40,000 square feet of ISO 9001 certified production and quality assurance space in eastern Washington, PCO has the capacity to produce thousands of video system per month on a build to order basis. PCO focuses on the continued improvement of its manufacturing processes in accordance with its total quality management system.

PCO regularly provides warehousing and blind drop ship services to its key partners. Such tight supply chain management enables our partners to materially reduce the expense associated with inventory financing, product warehousing, and final product configuration.

Act Now

Our OEM solutions team is here to help custom tailor a product and service solution that clearly addresses your needs while laying the foundation for a long-term partnership. Email us at oemsolutionsales@pco-inc.com for additional information.