ReportStar - Peace of mind

Managed Web Service Portal

OpenEye’s ReportStar is a web-based service designed to give you peace of mind in knowing your video surveillance system is working properly. Use ReportStar to check on camera images, system health, alarm history, or the remaining recording space on any OpenEye recorder. All your surveillance system’s information is at your fingertips with e-mail and SMS notifications of critical alerts, periodic system operation summary e-mails, and an online portal to view advanced reports.

You can be as involved with the management of your surveillance system as you want. Schedule e-mail messages to be sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with overviews of your recorders’ operation. Receive alerts, via e-mail or SMS, of critical events which may affect performance. Log in to ReportStar online to see detailed system reports or review day and night images from your cameras to verify that their view has not been obstructed or altered.

Software Highlights

  • Receive notification of critical health alerts
  • Easily monitor the status of all your surveillance systems from virtually anywhere
  • Verify that your cameras are working properly with day/night image reports
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports on the operation of your systems
  • Create “view only” accounts for employees or managers to prevent them from making any changes
  • Select the events or alerts on which you wish to receive notification

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring gives you an easy to understand visual tool to quickly verify a recorders health. You can also define filters for alarms to alert you via SMS or email that there is a problem with a recorder. This empowers you to fix a problem when it happens and not after critical video has failed to be captured.

Recording Duration

not only gives you a visual representation of a recorders video retention capabilities it allows you to set a recording threshold and be notified when it is not being met.Recording Duration

Camera Image Verification

Camera Image Verification tells you more than that the camera is just working. It tells you if the camera is recording what it was intended to and that any systems like IR illumination are functioning properly.